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Seaggs Premium Vector Mockup Pack Dx

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Improve your design process and communication of ideas with this fluid and cohesive vector mockup pack. Use this for your own visual guidance or when submitting files to manufacturers. 


Check out my mockup tutorials on YouTube if you need help using my digital assets for clothing design:

Mockup Design Tutorial 1

Mockup Design Tutorial 2


The Seaggs Vector Mockup Dx Pack is the newest addition to my mockup asset offerings. I asked my followers what they liked and disliked about my mockups, and this Dx pack is the result of all that feedback. I've added so many new shirts and hoodies (the most used styles in my mockup packs), along with the extremely requested side views of mockups, open-armed mockups, contrast-stitching mockups, mesh mockups, and even mockup replicas of the most popular streetwear blank silhouettes in the market.


THESE MOCKUPS WORK IN ALL DESIGN SOFTWARES (wherever .PNG files can be imported).


Download includes:

-188 brand new vector clothing mockups (in .ai and .png file types)

-FREE Seaggs techpack template

-Example completed techpack

-Example clothing collection


If you have any questions about any of my digital assets, DM me on instagram: @byseaggs